To Manchester With LoveĀ 

As I’m sure all of you know, there was a terrorist attack in Manchester, UK following an Ariana Grande concert. There were at least 22 killed from it and around 59 injured. This is heartbreaking to say the least.

I just wanted to say a couple things. The first being that this terrorist act was on a female singer whose majority of fans are also female, a lot of them young. I think this is a fact not lost on a lot of us. It makes me sick to think about how all these young people were deliberately attacked. My heart is aching for the families and friends who are all affected by this and the city of Manchester as a whole. All the people who went who survived this attack are now scarred, and no doubt some of them are experiencing survivor’s guilt. Which brings me to talk about Ariana. Putting myself in her shoes, I know I would blame myself. Even though rationally I would know that the blame lies elsewhere. I’m guessing this is exactly how she’s feeling right now; responsible. To have something that is meant to be so enjoyable as a concert get completely destroyed in a hateful attack is devastating for all involved. I can only imagine the emotional toll it must be having on her, the fact that all those people were gathered there to see her and then this happened.

It’s times like these where I wish I could do something to help, but I don’t know what that would be. I can say my heart and thoughts are with them because that’s true, I just don’t know what good that does. I suppose showing solidarity and support even if it’s nothing tangible is a good start, so that’s what I’ll do. I’m so sorry that this happened. I’m so sorry that attacks like this happen much too often, and I know there are ones that we don’t hear about because they happen in countries that the media doesn’t seem to care as much about. I’m sorry for the state of the world right now. I wish there was more I could say or do. Something that could make things better. But for right now what I can do is continue to send my love and thoughts out and hope the people of Manchester and all those affected can feel it at least a little.

Love to all xo

Beauty & The Beast

I wrote a little bit about this film when I first saw it in April. I’ve shared it on my acting Facebook page but I thought I’d go ahead and share it here as well.

April 2nd I saw Beauty & the Beast and it stirred up a lot of emotions, for a couple reasons. The first being, the animated Disney film was a big part of childhood so it felt like a very nostalgic film. Belle is one of my favourite Disney princesses, and Emma Watson was the perfect choice to play her! The second reason was because when I watched it I felt this overwhelming feeling, saying “This. This is why I want to be an actor. This is why I love it. This is why I want to be in the film industry.” It was just this huge reminder of how much I love acting and movies.

Lately it’s felt like my pursuit of this has been put on pause, but I don’t want that anymore. I want to keep moving forward. It’s frustrating when agencies don’t respond though, and it makes me feel like I’m at a dead end, and I hate that feeling. So little by little I’m going to keep pushing forward. Even if it’s just working on monologues for now.

I read a quote recently, that I’m about to butcher, “keep knocking until they have no choice but to open the door”. (I cannot remember who said it or the exact quote word for word, so if you know it let me know) But the person who said this was in fact talking about acting, and I think going after your dreams and passions in general. It’s a good one to have in the back of your head to help you going.

I have more to say about the film and the impact it had on me, but, at least for now, this is all I’ll write.

You should all go grab a copy of the soundtrack that is out, and pick up the movie on June 6th.

Cheers xo