Gory Fragments #29


It’s Ok.

I’ve written 4 possible posts for today so far (well one was written in my head but it counts.) And I can’t seem to get my thoughts together to form a flowing cohesiveness. It’s just not happening. But here’s the gist of it all…it’s ok if you don’t use your voice all the time, if you’re tired. It’s ok if you need a break, if you need distance. It’s ok to let yourself just breathe. It’s ok if keeping up to date on everything that’s happening is too overwhelming so you don’t read as much. It’s ok to give yourself the love and care you need to help you be in a better mental place. You don’t need to justify or apologize for self-care. To anyone. It’s ok if you are only now coming to realizations you probably should have years ago. It’s ok to give yourself time and grace and value. It’s ok.

Olivia xo

I miss you everyday 🖤 England.

morning dew on the leaves
of the most fragrant
delicate white flowers
they seem to smell most beautiful
right at dawn
the aroma of last night’s rain
still hovering in the air
a light fog settling over the fields
songbirds singing
their early morning melodies
making me feel right at home
in the distance
a cottontail bunny hopping off
into the brush
a heron standing at the edge
of the pond
blue, white, and grey
so close I could reach out
and touch
graceful and magnificent
I can’t help but want to stay
in this moment forever