Gory Fragments #27


I miss you everyday 🖤 England.

morning dew on the leaves
of the most fragrant
delicate white flowers
they seem to smell most beautiful
right at dawn
the aroma of last night’s rain
still hovering in the air
a light fog settling over the fields
songbirds singing
their early morning melodies
making me feel right at home
in the distance
a cottontail bunny hopping off
into the brush
a heron standing at the edge
of the pond
blue, white, and grey
so close I could reach out
and touch
graceful and magnificent
I can’t help but want to stay
in this moment forever



I’ll be sitting here
on the park bench
till you’re ready to find me
come hold my hand
don’t feel much like talking
would rather just sit
watch how the wind
sends ripples through the tall grass
admire the way the sunlight
sparkles on the waters
I’d like to forget
all the things going on
all the constant, nagging thoughts
and the dark matter getting thrown
in my face
I think it’s best
to be quiet
sit in awe of nature
even just for awhile
appreciate the beauty
we all take for granted
the silence
the fresh air
I would really like it
if you came over
and you could join me
while I try to think
of nothing
but I understand
if you’d rather not
I won’t be mad
I’ll respect your decision
just thought it’d be nice
to have someone to share
my silence with