World Health Day

Today is World Health Day and I wanted to write something or share some articles. I wanted to talk about (at the very least) chronic illnesses and mental illnesses. I obviously don’t know everything about either of these two topics but I would’ve loved to touch on them a bit. Maybe I will some other day but today I was unable to. Today was a day that I needed to spend on my personal health. I’m no good to others when I’m ill. I had my third Lupron injection today, treatment for my endometriosis. I went out for a bit after that but my fatigue was overpowering and I fell asleep on the buses (again). When I got home this afternoon from my outing, I crashed. The past few days I’ve been getting really bad dizzy spells, in addition to the endo pain I’ve been experiencing. 

Today it was necessary for me to listen to my body and rest, and I think that’s an okay way to spend World Health Day. People shouldn’t feel guilty about taking care of themselves and giving attention to their own health. It’s not selfish. It’s vital. 

Cheers xo 


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