What is Gory Fragments?

    Gory Fragments is a poetry series I’ve been working on for quite a while now. I’ve wanted to share some of my poetry for a really long time but have been too scared and self-conscious to do so. This series takes, as the title says, fragmentations of longer poems I’ve written and uses them as stand alone pieces (I’ve revised some of them so they work better alone). This allows me to share a little at a time and hopefully work up to sharing the full length poems in the near future. I like the idea of having just a few lines as a poem because sometimes that’s all you need to communicate or connect with someone.
     I had considered releasing these poems under a pseudonym because of fear. Fears like not being good enough, rejection, and the fear of people thinking they know me. That last one is a big one for me, but I’m working on accepting the fact that I can’t control how others perceive me and I no longer want that to be something that causes me anxiety. I want to share this series under my own name because I want to own my story, experiences, feelings, and creative expression as a way to grow and continue practicing authenticity.
     The name Gory Fragments was inspired by the poem from the film Like Crazy, that Felicity Jones’ character writes. It’s one of my favorite films, which also stars Anton Yelchin (Rest In Peace). In the poem one of the lines reads “the gory bits of you and the gory bits of me”. That line just really stuck with me. Here is the poem from the film in full –

I thought I understood it,
that I could grasp it.
But I didn’t,
not really.
Only the smudgeness of it;
the pink-slippered,
all-containered, semi-precious
eagerness of it.
I didn’t realize it would
sometimes be more than whole,
that the wholeness was a rather
luxurious idea.
Because it’s the halves that
halve you in half.
I didn’t know, don’t know,
about the in-between bits;
the gory bits of you
and the gory bits of me.

-Like Crazy

Ultimately I wrote these for myself as a way of release and expression. That being said I hope that in sharing these poems at least one person reads something that strikes a chord with them, or makes them feel slightly less alone in their feelings.

Cheers xo


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