Dedicated to a friend

There’s a lot of important
Stuff to talk about
A lot I want to write
A lot I want to get off my chest
But something happened today
A conversation that felt surreal
With people claiming they have
Claiming they have compassion
While they go on to show me
The complete opposite
And I wonder how long ago
Empathy was lost
Ya, there are still people
who have it
Some have a little
Some an abundance
And then there are those,
Like these people,
Who have shown me
They have none
Their responses were shocking
Their lack of sensitivity astounding
Yet they represent perfectly why
Victims don’t come forward
Why people who have been abused
Don’t speak up
And I’m sure if you asked them
Any other time
With something vague about
If a survivor of abuse should come forward,
They’d be right there
Saying “yes come forward,
We’ll listen”
But when presented
with a real situation
One that involves
someone they know
They back off
They completely go back
on their word
So here’s a warning,
watch out for the wolf
in sheep’s clothing


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