Women’s Issues List (I’m sure there’s more)

I wrote the following few posts while listening to/watching the live feed of the Women’s March in DC on 21 January 2017. I wrote it all at once but it seemed to divide itself into separate sub topics or rhythms, so it ended up being multiple poems in one. I will be sharing these in more than one post so it’s not crazy long but once I’ve shared them all feel free to go back over them and read them all together.  Since I was writing this while listening to speakers there are definitely ideas and phrases that inspired me in this. I was sad and kind of upset with myself that I wasn’t able to go Washington DC for this march, or even Toronto because I know how important of an event it is. There were a few reasons I didn’t go but I am so proud that it happened and that so many cities across the world joined in. It’s a sad state things are in right now but seeing so many people coming together for this was so cool and inspiring. I have a lot more to say (and a lot more to learn) about these topics and ideas, and I will most likely revisit them in future writings.
The first thing I wrote was this list, inspired by Kamala Harris’ speech at the Women’s March in DC.

If anyone asks you what women’s issues are…

World Issues = Women’s Issues
Xenophobia = Women’s Issues
Gun Control = Women’s Issues
Equal Pay = Women’s Issues
Environmentalism = Women’s Issues
Native American Rights = Women’s Issues
Marriage Equality = Women’s Issues
Economy = Women’s Issues
Immigration = Women’s Issues
Black Lives Matter Movement = Women’s Issues
Education = Women’s Issues
Reproductive Health, ProChoice Movement, and Affordable Birth Control = Women’s Issues
Political Corruption =  Women’s Issues
Islamophobia = Women’s Issues
International Relationships = Women’s Issues
Poverty and Homelessness = Women’s Issues
Mental Health = Women’s Issues
Freedom of Religion = Women’s Issues
Sexism = Women’s Issues
World Issues = Women’s Issues
Animal Rights = Women’s Issues
LGBTQ+ = Women’s Issues
Racism = Women’s Issues
Affordable Health Care = Women’s Issues
Sexual Violence, Assault, and Abuse = Women’s Issues
Rights of Disabled People = Women’s Issues
World Peace, World Hunger, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Freedom, Hope, Love, Empathy = All Women’s Issues



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